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Prof-Edit is owned and operated by Teresa Nolan Barensfeld, who has been an editorial professional since 1991. She also calls upon a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals for her proofreading service, as well as for assistance on large copyediting projects.

Teresa Barensfeld has a BS in mathematics and computer science, summa cum laude. When she began copyediting and proofreading in 1991, Teresa specialized first in her college-major fields, then expanded into various subjects, especially STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), the social sciences, education, and political science. She loves editing because she learns something new every day and gets paid to correct other people’s mistakes. Before her editing career, she worked as a computer programmer for Morgan Stanley & Company, a business manager for BCR (a woodworking company), a designer/sewist, and a tax preparer.

In her spare time, Teresa enjoys using her sewing and design skills to create quilts, apparel, and other textile arts; she is a member of the Board of the Chatham Public Library; and she heads up Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF every year with the fifth graders at Chatham Middle school.

Cornell University, Pace University
Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude

Teresa is a long-time member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and is a volunteer for the Upper Hudson Valley, NY, chapter. In the past, she has served as a member-at-large on the EFA Board of Trustees.

Representative List of Titles


Annual Review of Applied Linguistics

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Families in Society

International Journal of Cultural Property

Web Content

IBM 100 Icons of Progress (2011; fact checking)


STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, mathematics)

Advanced Calculus

Chemistry: The Science in Context, 2nd ed. (ancillaries; Gilbert et al., 2008)

Essentials of State-Space Systems

Hydraulic Modeling and GIS (Armstrong; Esri Press, 2011)

Laser Diagnostics and Optical Measurement (Zhao; SAE International, 2012)

Geospatial Datasets and Analyses for an Environmental Approach to African Trypanosomiasis (UN FAO report)

Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, 11th ed.

Materials and Processes in Manufacturing (DeGarmo; materials science)

Math for Elementary School Teachers, 8th ed.

Matheson Gas Data Handbook

Matrix Structural Analysis

Measuring Up: The Business Case for GIS (Thomas et al.; Esri  Press, 2012)

Microchip Fabrication

Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, 8th ed.

Reports for the Electric Power Research Institute

Smart Metering (Toledo; PennWell, 2013)

Subsea Pipeline Engineering (Palmer & King; PennWell, 2008)

V-Math Curricula (Voyager Expanded Learning)

Visualizing Biology, 3rd ed. (Wiley; 2010)

Computer Science

Beginning SQL Server Express Database Applications

Flex & Bison (O’Reilly series; Levine, 2009)

Pro Visual C++/CLI and the .NET Platform

Windows Administration Resource Kit: Productivity Solutions for IT (Holmes, 2008)

Economics and Finance

Core Economics (G. Stone)

Economics (P. Krugman & R. Wells)

Investment reports for equity firms

Managerial Economics (ancillaries; Allen, 2009)

National Standards for Personal Finance (Council for Economic Education, 2013)

Education and Curricula

Chelsea House series: Career Ideas for Kids, Deadly Diseases and Epidemics, Drug Facts, Psychological Disorders, Criminal Investigations

Community College Sourcebook (College Board)

Facts On File Extraordinary Jobs series

Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Grants, Scholarships

Ferguson Career Coach: Managing Your Career in the Art Industry

Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange 2012 (IIE, 2013)

Reports of the National Commission on Writing (College Board)

VMath Curricula and the Passport Reading Program (Voyager Expanded Learning)

Upgrade Your Curriculum (Hale & Fisher; ASCD, 2013


The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives

Lead copyeditor and coordinator for team of four copyeditors (Sage/Corwin)

Encyclopedia of U.S. National Security

Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology

Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Fire Engineering Books

Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighter I and II (2009)

Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 4th ed. (Norman; PennWell, 2012)

Study Guide for Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics, 4th ed. (Norman; PennWell, 2013)

Elevator and Escalator Rescue (Jarboe)

Industrial Firefighting for Municipal Firefighters (Shelley)

Structural Building Collapse Operations (O’Connell, 2011)

International Relief

EPRT (Emergency Preparedness and Response Training) Modules (Catholic Relief Services, 2012)

From Provider-Oriented to Client-Driven Care: Report on the Development and Testing of a Take-Home Monitoring Tool for People Living With HIV in Cameroon  (CRS, 2013)

IMPACT Program: Midterm Evaluation Summary Report (CRS, 2013)

Posters for Catholic Relief Services Construction Symposium (2012)

UN PAAT Technical and Scientific Series:

    Geospatial Datasets and Analysis for an Environmental Approach to African Trypanosomiasis

    Linking Sustainable Human and Animal African Trypanosomiasis

Political and Social Sciences (Including Government and NGO Reports)

The Culture of Morality (Turiel)

Cities in a World Economy, 3rd ed. (Sassen)

Report Seven: Advanced Training and Research in Latin America (IIE, 2012)

Report Eight: Women in the Global Economy (IIE, 2012)

Open Doors 2012 (IIE, 2012)

New York State Touchstones / KIDS COUNT Data Book 2011 (NYS CCF, 2011)

New York State Statistical Yearbook (annual)

Professional Books

How to Build Your Own Home (Scutella & Heberle, McGraw-Hill, 2011)

Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture, 3rd ed. (Burden; McGraw-Hill, 2012)

Project Management in Construction, 6th edition (Levy, McGraw-Hill, 2012)

Renewable Energies for Your Home (Gehrke, McGraw-Hill, 2010)